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a hunting we will go…

hartbrook photoshoot
hartbrook photoshoot2Today we had a lot of fun shooting for Hartbrook Clothier. I started working with Laura about two years ago on the brand her and her family concepted. The name comes from Psalm 42:1, “As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after the, O God.” As we are establishing the brand I thought since the logo is a deer that an English hunting theme would be great for the first photoshoot. These are a few shots I snapped on the iPad. Stephen DeVries was the photographer and Ginny Au was the stylist. I can’t wait to show more pictures!

macon for new years

macon2macon macon3Each year Charlton’s family gathers in Macon, Georgia to celebrate Christmas and the New year together. There is so much family history packed into Aunt May’s charming little house. Aunt May and Charlton’s grandfather E.C. (Eugene Charlton) were born in the house that we all stay in. We also ventured around Macon and saw the sights. The Hay House was a great tour.